Recover From „Two-Click” AdSense Penalty On Mobile.

Fix today in order to earn three times more tomorrow.

My objectives:

  • Removal of „Visit site” in the AdSense mobile ads
  • Increase in CPC and CTR
  • Fixing of AdSense panel
  • Increase in income from AdSense

What I do.

Removal of „Two-Click” AdSense Penalty On Mobile.

I’ll help you to remove the Google penalty. I know how to solve the problem with the „Visit site” pop-up screen on AdSense mobile ads

01. Getting to know target users
02. Making analysis and finding solutions
03. Preparing a report with hints for the removal of „Visit site”
04. Monitoring the implemented solutions

Who I am

I am an independent specialist in the area of optimization of the Google AdSense advertising system. Being a member of the group Google Product Expert, I am awarded with the Golden Product Expert label, granted by the Google brand with which I’m in instant contact. My in-depth knowledge not only in AdSense but also optimization of websites makes me an expert in helping my clients to resolve the AdSense problems and increase the level of passive income effectively.



Need a quick advice, solution? Go for an extra option of an hourly consultation with the specialist, which will dispel any doubts.

During the conversation, you’ll get, among others:

  • hints on caring about the AdSense account quality
  • the audit of your website in terms of compliance with the AdSense requirements,
  • the report on errors and discrepancies,
  • the ad implementation proposal
  • the analysis of wrong clicks
  • individual hints on the site acceptance

I’ll resolve any of your issues!

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They trusted usm

Customer satisfaction is our greatest value.

The topic of optimization of revenue from ad networks requires knowledge, accuracy and an analytical view of the issue.

Karol has all these features, and cooperation with him brought the effects that surprised me totally. The increase in earnings on two different websites is a fact.

Karol can communicate with programmers, and at the same time clearly and coherently presents suggestions for actions to the management.

Paweł Strykowski, CEO WhitePress sp. z o.o.
Ad optimization done professionally.

After receiving the materials and access, he performed the analysis and prepared the ad code with an indication of the place of their implementation.

The achieved revenue growth was upmost satisfactory.

Krzysztof Kubacki,

Karol carefully analysed our portal and spotted many additional opportunities for its monetization.

Taking into account the fact that optimization related to the Google AdSense ads, thanks to his knowledge, assistance and outstanding interpersonal skills our revenues have increased, although we’d previously cooperated with agencies monetizing the conversion.

I highly recommend Karol to everyone who wants to increase the earnings for his website.

Kamil Jarosz, Prezes Zarządu / CEO / Geschäftsführer

Price list of the removal of „Visit site” on the AdSense mobile ads

Knowing what you can gain for yourself is one thing, the other is the price of it.
Each implementation is individually priced as a whole range of different factors are taken into account. This depends on whether any ads have already been implemented or not, how high the site is positioned and whether it’s been ever optimized. The proposed valuation must be adequate to the workload, which is why it is necessary before taking action to analyze the situation on the website and the income achieved so far.


  • Removal of „Visit site” in the AdSense mobile ads
  • What to improve in the AdSense panel
  • Capturing errors related to AdSense
  • Proposition of layout and advertising changes
  • Statistics analysis
  • Analysis of your website
  • Implementation in 2 days


Interested? Any questions, doubts yet?

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